National Expertise

Hiflo is a national distributor of products for diesel & petrol vehicles.

Hiflo is an Australian owned company located in Melbourne . The company was established in 1988 and is now a leading distributor of automotive fuel injection systems and components. Fuel injection systems for both petrol and diesel engines are now sharing a common technology platform. The extensive use of turbocharging, electronic unit injection systems, electronic control units incorporating multiple sensor subsystems, constant pressure fuel pumps and mandatory emission control systems are now common in current diesel and petrol automotive engines. Hiflo is now preparing to meet these exciting changes with new products that will enable you to maintain your vehicle in optimum condition.

Our product range includes diesel fuel injectors, diesel fuel pumps, diesel filtration systems, diesel glow plugs and has now expanded to include petrol fuel injection components, performance products and filtration products. Hiflo has pioneered the concept of remanufactured 'service exchange' diesel fuel injectors backed with 'ex-stock' availability, express delivery and factory warranty. More recently we introduced our range of new diesel fuel injectors for popular applications such as Toyota , Nissan and Mitsubishi.

Product Range

Common Rail Diesel Products

  • New CRD Pumps
  • Injector Seal Kits
  • Fuel Lines & Fuel Rails

Product Range

Mechanical Diesel Products

  • Reconditioned Pumps
  • New & Reconditioned Injectors
  • Injector Seal Kits


Our Expert Services

  • In-house Injector Testing
  • Pump Testing