Ezy-Glide Recovery Ring & TWIN Sheath Shackle Kit – 14,700KG


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Welcome to the Saber Offroad Ezy-Glide Recovery Ring and Twin Sheath Shackle Kit.

The Ezy-Glide Recovery Ring & TWIN Sheath Shackle Kit is light, strong and engineered to be exceed expectations.

In the end, not all rings are created equal and we believe this engineered solution is truly a market leader.

When size and weight are serious factors in recovery kits, we are proud to offer this heavy-duty, small and lightweight alternative to a snatch block.  This recovery ring weighs less than 1kg (2.2lbs), and has a total diameter of only 135mm. Based on this size, it is almost a 1/4 of the weight of a similar rated snatch block.  We offer this Ezy-Glide Recovery Ring with TWO of our 14,700kg Sheath Soft Shackle, as it has been extensively tested and shows the best results to minimize the frictional load.  Using the ring with our soft shackles has shown a significant increase in frictional load in some cases.

We deliberately are not the smallest ring on the market, but as we outline below, this ring was specially designed in consultation with winch rope fiber manufacturers to reduce wear and fatigue on the ropes being used in conjunction with the ring.

The Ezy-Glide Recovery ring must ONLY be used with soft shackles and synthetic winch ropes.

What makes the Saber Offroad Ezy-Glide Recovery Ring a true market leader? Here are the key advantages:

Engineered to Maximise Capacity & Minimise Rope Wear

When we looked at the design of the ring, we wanted to not only make sure it works well, it is light, small, but it must also protect the winch rope from fatigue leading to damage. We know that any tight bend in a rope under load decreases its strength and can cause damage, potentially leading to premature failure. In discussions with our winch line fiber manufacturers, we were advised that an 8:1 ratio for internal channel diameter (not outer diameter) is recommended. With our internal channel of 110mm (outer 135mm), we have a product ideal for winch ropes up to 14mm (9/16?).

Rope Diameter Recovery Ring Internal
Minimum Suggested Diameter
6mm 48mm
8mm 64mm
10mm 80mm
12mm 96mm
14mm 112mm 

This ring is one of only a few on the market with an internal channel design suitable for synthetic winch ropes of 10mm or above.

The channel profile was also designed to support the rope and reduce the flattening of the fibers under load. Flattening the fibers has been shown to increase friction and hence greater demands on the ropes and winch.

Heavy-Duty Design

Designed with T6 Billet Aluminium, this ring will withstand forces WELL in excess of the listed minimum breaking strain of 14,700KG.

Double Anodised Ezy-Glide Finish

This industry-first finish is designed to give the smoothest surface to reduce friction under load.

Australian Designed & Tested

This ring has been extensively tested both mechanically (in only Australian NATA accredited facilities) and in the real-world to make sure it will perform when you need it most.

High-Grade Custom Bag

Our custom-designed padded bag also includes a convenient clip to attach to existing recovery kits.